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Dr. Ed Dominguez COVID-19 Q&A, May 1, 2020

Our own infectious disease specialist, Dr. Edward Dominguez, has been a regular on East Texas Now (KLTV) answering viewer questions about COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.

As we continue to learn more about this virus every day, answers may vary. Check back with us for regular updates.

A few questions from this week's episode:

  • The White House released specific benchmarks for specific businesses to reopen in Phase 1. Were those benchmarks strict enough and has Texas met them yet?
  • Are dusk masks adequate for COVID-19 protection?
  • Are antibacterial and waterproof materials more beneficial for homemade masks?
  • Is social distancing causing immune systems to be weakened?
  • If you can be infected through nose, mouth, and eyes, should we be requiring eye protection in addition to face masks?
  • How does the virus transmit in bodies of water such as lakes and rivers?
  • If I order food to-go, should I worry about COVID-19 being on the packages or even food?
  • How will Fall sports look going forward?
  • There are reports that “healthy people” are contracting COVID-19 and dying, should we reclassify who is high-risk?
  • Can dogs sniff out patients who have COVID-19?
  • Do you believe there will be enough data to open close contact businesses?
  • What is your definition of recovery from COVID-19?
  • What is the lasting impact of COVID-19 on the lungs and other organs? 

If you have a question for Dr. Ed, you can email it to