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The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas is #1 – in Dallas & Ft. Worth!

Post Update – We wanted to provide you with an exciting update – we did it again! The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas has once again been ranked #1 in Patient Survival for liver transplant in the Dallas area, but this time we are also #1 in Ft. Worth! The outcomes are published every six months by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), which calculates the past 2.5 years of data to gather ranking results. We are incredibly proud of our team expert doctors and staff for this tremendous honor. Read the original post below for information about the actual stats, success stories, and more.

Original Post on April 1, 2016

With immense pride, The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas announces their new rating as the #1 hospital in the Dallas area for liver transplant! Studies show that, not only does The Liver Institute care for the sickest patients throughout the region, but they also have the highest survival rate for liver transplant patients. This new data has inspired the hospital to share their success through Yes2Living, a resource that helps patients and their families find answers to their most pressing concerns in addition to bringing awareness to the importance of finding a hospital that can answer their crucial question: “Will I live?”

The Liver Institute is home to a full circle team of physicians, surgeons, and specialists who join forces to address a variety of diseases affecting the liver, bile ducts, pancreas and more. Their collaboration is a direct benefit for patients as, together, they focus on providing long, healthy lives, with research showing their survival outcomes as some of the highest across the U.S. Yes2Living is yet another step in their mission to provide easy-access resources to both patients and their families, encouraging them to ask questions, compare outcomes and find answers throughout every aspect of their diagnosis and treatment. Methodist Dallas has also partnered with the Mayo Clinic through Answers2, a free Q&A for medical questions. Overall, the goal of these new resources is to help all patients find the transplant program that is best for them and their families.

The new #1 rating for The Liver Institute and Methodist Dallas has been presented through statistical research performed by the Scientific Registry of Transplant Recipients (SRTR), an organization supplying information about various transplant programs across the country. SRTR offers statistical reports and visual aids to highlight outcomes for individual programs. They also provide tools including a Liver Waiting List Calculator that assists potential liver transplant candidates in understanding their potential results of being on a waiting list by outlining past results and comparing programs throughout the nation. Statistics for The Liver Institute show that, when compared to other hospitals in Dallas, their patients have a higher status of urgency and a 5% greater survival rate. For some, that incremental percentage could mean a life and death difference. As The Liver Institute states, “Knowledge is power.”

We have the sickest patients, and the best outcomes.

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While research and statistics are fantastic tools for defining a hospital’s success, the true test is always the opinions and feelings of their patients. The Liver Institute and Methodist Dallas have a heartwarming focus on the lives of their patients both throughout treatment and after. Numerous patients have shared their appreciation and love for the entire team at The Liver Institute through their own personal stories. Find out how each individual fought their disease and survived with a vibrant new outlook on life.

Yes2Living is a new leap in the comprehensive approach The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas takes in treating and caring for their patients. Their team’s multidisciplinary expertise is just one of the many factors in earning this top honor of being #1. Most importantly, what this recognition means for both the hospital and their patients is that they are reaching their goal: saving lives.

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