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The Truth about Ebola – Dr. Edward Dominguez’s Take On This Infectious Disease

With all of the widely publicized and media-hyped health concerns across the world today, it is important for communities to have access to resources providing accurate health information. Me & My Doctor answers the call for that resource by providing direct patient to doctor communication on topics ranging from the latest insurance and health law changes to infectious disease.

Our own Dr. Edward Dominguez, Medical Director for Organ Transplant and Infectious Disease at The Liver Institute, recently published an article on Me & My Doctor directly addressing the public’s concerns about the arrival of the Ebola virus in the United States. In the article, Dr. Dominguez confirms details about how the disease is spread from person to person and explains why the United States is better prepared to treat the infectious disease, particularly in regard to risk of contraction by health personnel.

As a specialist in the study and treatment of infectious disease, Dr. Edward Dominguez believes that Ebola survivors may hold the key for future treatment of the disease. In the meantime, Dr. Dominguez makes several recommendations to the public for protecting themselves against the Ebola virus as well as other infectious diseases including, but not limited to, washing hands and staying up to date with the latest developments in public health.

Join the discussion at Me& and get answers to your questions from Dr. Dominguez himself!

Find out more about Dr. Edward Dominguez and his work to treat infectious disease at The Liver Institute.