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Gastrojejunostomy with Xi stapler

  • Category: da VinciĀ® Robotic Surgeries by Dr. Mejia

About this Video

Watch the da Vinci® Robot in action as Dr. Mejia performs life-saving procedures.

One of the latest, most technologically advanced surgical tools available today is the daVinci Robot Surgical System. These videos of Dr. Mejia of The Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas graphically display how the system is utilized in various surgical procedures. The daVinci Robot allows surgeons to provide minimally invasive procedures by displaying an enlarged, 3D and HD image of the surgical site and utilizing miniaturized tools inserted through a small incision to perform the surgery. Benefits to the daVinci system include minimal pain, an almost scarless surgery, low blood loss, a fast recovery and more. Discover how the daVinci system puts The Liver Institute at the forefront of this new frontier in medical technology.

Below, Dr. Mejia displays his extensive experience in these videos of the daVinci Robot Surgical System at work. While the daVinci system can be used for a multitude of surgical procedures, including liver and bile duct resection, one of the most known uses is for the Whipple surgery, or Pancreaticoduodenectomy. Dr. Mejia’s international expertise has even allowed him to share this amazing advancement with surgeons from Latin America as they observed his performance of the Whipple procedure at Methodist Dallas in hopes of expanding this life-saving opportunity to Mexico and South America. Now, see how the robotic-assisted daVinci surgical system operates to push surgical technology forward in these videos of Dr. Mejia.