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Kidney Transplant Services in Puerto Rico

Methodist Puerto Rico Transplant Administration Corporation has been saving lives of Puerto Ricans for over three decades through clinical excellence in kidney transplantation. Partnering with Dallas Nephrology Associates and The Transplant Institute, to provide quality kidney transplant care from evaluation to life-long follow up.

At the forefront of patient-centered care, our multilingual team offers years of experience in helping patients manage their conditions and meet their needs so they can enjoy their lives without the burdens of dialysis.

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Special Services:

If you are selected for transplant, we want to assure you that you are well taken care of Methodist Puerto Rico is committed to the well being of their patients and for that reason we are happy to offer the following special services.

  • Language assistance for more than 28 languages
  • Private tour of our facilities at Methodist Dallas Medical Center
  • Comfortable lodging at affordable prices
  • Food vouchers for the Methodist Dallas Medical Center cafeteria
  • Easy access to our transplant coordinators and social workers
  • Educational classes prior to transplant
  • Aid in filling out financial, private insurance and Medicare forms
  • Living donor recognition program

Patient Paperwork:

If you think you could be a candidate for transplant, you should complete the following form during or after the orientation process. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our transplant coordinators at one of the office locations listed above.

New Patient Paperwork - Spanish

Kidney Transplant Application - Spanish

Your Nephrologists:

  • Richard Dickerman Jose A. Castillo-Lugo, MD
  • Carlos Fasola Ruben L. Velez, MD, FACAP

The Transplant Evaluation Process

Before getting a transplant, you, the patient, will have to be evaluated and accepted by our Transplant Selection Committee. This is to ensure that transplant is the best option for you. It is our responsibility to evaluate your personal situation and inform you of the potential risks and benefits associated with a transplant.

The evaluation process, as seen below, will depend on the organ you will receive and your own health. If you are a candidate for transplant and have a living donor, the evaluation may be completed in a matter of weeks.

1. SUBmit a kidney transplant application

You can submit your kidney transplant application here or request an application at your dialysis center. If you have any questions while filling out your application, call our office - Mayagüez (787) 834-8811 and San Juan (787) 763-0104.

2. SCHEDULE An Appointment

Once you have submitted your transplant application our transplant coordinator will reach to coordinate a time for you to come to the office.


The transplant coordinator will walk you through the transplantation process and answer any questions you may have.

4. MEdical evaluation

Consists of: Medical history review, physical exam, required lab tests

5. Evaluation by consultants

Consists of: Evaluation by surgeon, nephrologist, social worker, psychologist, and other transplant specialist consultants

6. selection by transplAnt committee

The transplant coordinator will present your case to the transplant selection committee to determine your eligibility for transplant.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How long will I be in Dallas for recovery?

• At least one month

How much money should I collect for my stay in Dallas?

• The social worker does the evaluation to determine how much money you need for the stay and personal expenses

Are the medications covered by the medical plan?

• The medical plan can cover up to 80% of the cost of the medications but it depends on the medication

Which doctor will follow up with me when I return to Puerto Rico?

• Your primary nephrologist

Will I have a translator or people who speak Spanish in the hospital in Dallas?

• Yes, there are translators as well as nurses and medical personnel who speak Spanish

Is there a downside to being on multiple waiting lists?

• No

When I arrive in Dallas, how will the logistics be for my admission to the hospital?

• A driver will pick you up at the airport, takes you to the emergency room. Following your arrival to the hospital, the admission process is made in the emergency room.