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  • Author: Patricia D.
  • Date Submitted: Aug 17, 2014
  • Category: Patient Testimonials

Patricia – Liver Cancer Diagnosis, Treatment, Cure & Transplant

Patricia expresses reason to call the Liver Institute at Methodist Dallas Medical Center her second home.

During her liver disease treatment for cirrhosis and hepatitis C at the Liver Institute, she was devastated to learn her specialists had found a tumor in her liver.

The Liver Institute is a group comprised of comprehensive physicians and surgeons who specialize in a multidisciplinary approach toward liver disease management.

Dr. Parvez Mantry, M.D., medical director of Hepatobiliary Tumor Program, and independently practicing transplant hepatologist on the Methodist Dallas medical staff, lead the team to success by taking immediate action to treat the tumor.

Read Patricia’s whole story to learn more about the innovative multidisciplinary approach the Liver Institute team takes to treat Patricia's liver disease and to follow Patricia on her amazing journey from managed treatment, cancer diagnosis to liver transplant, which gives her a new outlook on life.