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Dallas Liver Transplants & Other Services

Innovative Medical Treatments to Enhance Patient Outcomes

Our fellowship-trained transplant hepatologists provide advanced treatments for liver disorders including hepatitis, acute liver failure, cirrhosis, liver tumors and fatty liver disease. As a regional leader in hepatology-related clinical trials, The Methodist Transplant Specialists is pioneering new treatments for diseases like Hepatitis C along with the region's first Liver Dialysis.

We offer comprehensive liver care services, including treatment for:

  • Cirrhosis
  • Fatty Liver
  • Alcoholic Liver Disease
  • Autoimmune Liver Disease
  • Genetic Liver Diseases
  • Portal Hypertension
  • Hepatitis
  • Hepatobiliary Tumor & Disorders

We also offer clinical studies for eligible patients who have not had much success treating their liver conditions with traditional medicine.

Liver Transplantation with Life-Long Follow-Up

Liver transplant is a major operation, one that can save lives. However, care does not end once the transplant has ended. A typical liver transplant lasts for about 30 years. During that time, you will need receive continuous follow-up care from your medical provider.

The first three months after a liver transplant are often the most difficult. Your body will need to adjust to the fact that an outside organ is now performing important function. Medications can help you manage some of the side effects. We take the time to educate patients about the transplant procedure and what to expect afterward. We will always be here to help you when you have questions.

SIRT Therapy for Liver Tumors & Stage IV Colorectal Cancer

SIRT (Selective Internal Radiation Therapy) is a form of liver-directed therapy to treat liver tumors & stage IV colorectal cancer. This unique treatment uses the liver’s unique blood supply to deliver and implant millions of yittrium-90 (Y-90) microspheres to directly target the arterial supply of the tumor. Here the radioactive microspheres become trapped, killing tumor cells and mostly sparing the surrounding healthy liver tissue. Most therapeutic radiation is delivered in 11 days, with minimal radiation remaining after one month.