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Dr. Ed Dominguez COVID-19 Q&A, April 3, 2020

Our own infectious disease specialist, Dr. Edward Dominguez, will be doing regular live Q&A segments on East Texas Now (KLTV) to answer questions about COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.

As we continue to learn more about this virus every day, answers may vary. Check back with us for regular updates.

A few questions from this week's episode:

  • If someone catches COVID-19 and recovers, are they immune to the disease? 
  • Can mosquitos transmit COVID-19?
  • Are diabetics at higher risk on contracting COVID-19?
  • Can vitamin-c, black seed oil, or other natural products help protect from COVID-19?
  • What happens to the diseased bodies of people who died due to COVID-19? Are the deceased bodies contagious?
  • When and where should I wear a mask?
  • How effective are non-filtered or homemade masks for protecting against COVID-19?
  • What happens when the COVID-19 pandemic is over? Where will this virus go?

If you have a question for Dr. Ed, you can email it to

Friday, April 3, 2020 Episode