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Dr. Ed Dominguez COVID-19 Q&A, April 10, 2020

Our own infectious disease specialist, Dr. Edward Dominguez, will be doing regular live Q&A segments on East Texas Now (KLTV) to answer questions about COVID-19, also known as coronavirus.

As we continue to learn more about this virus every day, answers may vary. Check back with us for regular updates.

A few questions from this week's episode:

  • Is hand sanitizer giving people false hope that they are protecting against COVID-19?
  • How long can the virus survive on a face mask?
  • How should I store my facemask when I’m not using it?
  • Do supplements or vitamins help or hurt to consume?
  • If I am exposed to someone who has tested positive with COVID-19 when should I return to work?
  • If a person has recovered from a mild strain of COVID-19 would they be immune to a more severe strain of COVID-19?
  • What are the best practices to put in place for someone who has ongoing medical issues or trying to void the virus?
  • If we wearing protective wear over our nose and mouth, should we also be wearing protective gear over our eyes?
  • How at risk are at home pets for contracting COVID-19?
  • Can CPAP machines be used instead of a ventilator in a pinch?
  • Is it okay to send my kids to their grandparents’ house during this time?
  • What symptoms should people who already have lung issues or shortness of breath be more aware of?

If you have a question for Dr. Ed, you can email it to