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Dr. Dominguez Weighs in on the Zika Virus as a Sexually Transmitted Disease

While the Zika virus is garnering international concern, with the CDC having issued travel alerts for 14 countries and territories, it has now hit very close to home with two cases right here in Dallas County. Most surprising, however, was when doctors discovered that only one of the two cases in DFW contracted the virus from a mosquito while traveling abroad – the other was sexually transmitted. This is now the first case of the Zika virus contracted within the U.S.’s 50 states. CBS 11 went to our Dr. Ed Dominguez, Medical Director and Specialist in Infectious Disease, to learn more about why this discovery is significant.

“I think it changes the equation considerably on how we advise and who we advise,” says Dr. Dominguez

“I think it changes the equation considerably, on how we advise and who we advise,” says Dr. Dominguez, referring to the fact that, up until this latest discovery the focus has been on advising pregnant women to not visit Zika infected areas. Now the caution will be targeted at both men and women. He further stressed that the medical community needs to know more about the type of sexual interaction that occurred resulting in contamination. This will help doctors to better understand which fluids are affected and exactly how the Zika virus can be sexually transmitted. Until more concrete information is identified, Dr. Dominguez advises the public to err on the side of caution, both at home and abroad.

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