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Liver Transplantation

Streamlined Liver Transplantation

Methodist Transplant Specialists have streamlined our liver transplant process to ensure our patients can be listed as soon as possible. When time is of the essence, trust our team.

Liver Transplant Guide

Patient care and education is at the center of everything we do at Methodist Transplant Specialists. Our Liver Transplant Guide explains the transplant process from evaluation to post-transplant care.

Liver Transplantation with a Life-Long Care Team

Liver transplant is a major operation, one that can save lives. However, care does not end once the transplant has ended. A typical liver transplant lasts for about 30 years. During that time, your care team will follow-up with you to monitor your health.

The first three months after a liver transplant are often the most difficult. Your body will need to adjust to the fact that an outside organ is now performing important function. Medications can help you manage some of the side effects. We take the time to educate patients about the transplant procedure and what to expect afterward. We will always be here to help you when you have questions.

Transplant Application

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